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通過訪問本網站,代表您同意及接受本文所述之醫療諮詢的免責聲明,圖片,鏈接和版權聲明。本網站上某些圖片來自公共領域例如Google, Pinterest, etc。所有其他資訊包括圖像,標誌,以及數碼或印刷材料版權皆歸安高生命醫學有限公司(下稱本公司)所有,未經同意 , 不接受轉載和再用。在本網站上的使用信息,外部鏈接和圖像不代表本公司和圖像來源之間,或本公司與擁有鏈結的公司之間的任何關係。本網站的所有信息僅用於教育用途,並不有意取代保健醫療人士的專業意見。 本公司不提供任何醫療諮詢或任何醫療實踐。不要因為看到本網站的任何信息而拖延尋求任何醫療諮詢或忽略任何醫療建議。讀者應該時刻就自己的健康狀況諮詢自己的醫生或其他醫療界從業員本網站的資訊是否適合。


Medical advice disclaimer, images, links, and copyright declaration: By visiting the OncoSeek website, you have agreed that you accept the medical advice disclaimer, images, links, and copyright declaration stated herein. Some images on the OncoSeek website are from the public domain such as Google, Pinterest, etc. All other information including images, logos, and digital or printed materials is copyrighted by OncoSeek limited and not available for reuse.  The information, external links, and images on the OncoSeek website do not indicate any relationship between OncoSeek limited and the image source, or between OncoSeek limited and the company owning the linked domain. All the information on the OncoSeek website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to imply any substitute for any professional advice from health practitioners. OncoSeek Limited does not offer any medical advice or any medical practice. Do not delay seeking any medical advice or ignore any medical advice because of any information seen on this OncoSeek website. The reader should always consult his or her healthcare practitioners for the suitability of the formation for their own health condition.

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